Everybody is making love or else expecting rain

Yesterday we were introduced to even more literary terms, and we spent some time giving examples of each. I brought up the song "Desolation Row" by Bob Dylan for its laundry list of allusions to other works, and I've decided to put that list together for your viewing pleasure.

-Bette Davis
-Cain and Abel
-Hunchback of Notre Dame
-Robin Hood
-Phantom of the Opera
-Ezra Pound
-T.S. Eliot

Two lines were also lifted from a Jack Kerouac novel, "Desolation Angels":
-perfect image of a priest
-her sin is her lifelessness

I was originally gonna give my two cents on the song's meaning, but then I realized how bored I am with my own interpretations of things. Y'ever notice how after awhile, all of your opinions become really one-sided, just for the simple fact that you have your general views so deeply etched into your mind? So I beg of you, fellow College Lit students, to read through this song and leave a comment with your take on the song's meaning.




Brittanya said...

Jeff White. I knew you would comment on my Lennon blog. Well, I read your song. Having never heard it before I had no idea what to expect clicking on the web link.

You're probably expecting some in depth analysis of this song, and trust me I would love to tell you one. However, I have no idea what the big picture of this song is.

I don't know if it even has one. Reading the lyrics I thought, "oh so it's about ...." and then I'd read a line about the Hunchback of Notre Dam and be completely thrown off track.

However, I did manage to make one analysis that I am confident has some sanity involved.

When their talking about Ophelia the "old-maid in an iron vest." They are saying that she is not married, which is devistating. Because as the saying goes, a woman in her early 30's is more likely to get killed by a terrorist than married. Also the iron vest I think is a very clever line. Showing that she chooses to, or is not ready to love again so she protects her heart with iron.

Daniel DeBoer said...

You're going to have a lonely eternity if you're getting sick of yourself this early in the race.

Jenny O said...

I'm with Danny, it's OK to have opinions and feel that they are one sided. That happens to everyone but if you try to view someone else's opinion with respect and see where they are coming from you may not get so bored with your own ideas.